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A Slight Change of Plans

I have always been a home body.  I enjoy being at home and taking care of my home.  I think this comes from being raised by a farmer and a stay at home mom.  We stayed home a lot.  I have actually worked full time for only short periods of time: before I got married, after I got married until I had children and once more when finances required it. I have worked part time when the perfect job presented itself.  What made it the perfect job?  It was something I wanted to do and my schedule did not interfere with my family life. 

Around 7 years ago, I started teaching guide classes for Bernina of Plano.  Approximately two years later, I started working in the store, selling sewing machine, helping customers with their computer issues, and teaching classes I created.  Four years ago, I started a class I named Digitizing Divas.  What started as a part time enjoyable job, I transformed into a job that was more than full time.  In doing so, I did not feel like I was doing a good job at work or at home. 

About three weeks ago, my husband and I agreed that I would stop working in the store but would keep my teaching schedule.  Understand this is the longest I have ever worked for one company so I really enjoy my job.  I just wanted to do a good job for my employer and at home.  Last week was a hectic week for me so tomorrow starts my new "less demanding" schedule.  My next week is not already scheduled for me.  This makes me excited and scared but I think I can work through it.  I will miss seeing the store's customers when they come to get help, shop, and plan new projects.  My plan is to do a better job for my work, a better job for my home, and take better care of myself.  I'll let you know how it turns out.

God bless you as you make the transition. You're a good teacher

God bless you as you make the transition. You're a good teacher

Thank you. I lasted another

Thank you. I lasted another 18 months past this blog post. Guess I'll be a full time home body now. Maybe I can start getting all those projects done that I didn't have time for because I was always facing a deadline to get a project done or a class written. I will post pictures as I get things done.