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Garden Planted

We got a ton of things accomplished this weekend.  I harvested the garlic I planted last November.  They don't look like garlic so not sure if they just need to dry or they turned into onions.

Design Wall Update

I have so many quilt projects I want to work on right now that I have a hard time making up my mind which to spend time on.  I have been getting my garden ready to plant.  I believe that it is a little too early to plant yet.  I'll wait until closer to Easter since our weather has been erratic for the last six months.

Hard Labor - Garden Style

Last fall hubby and I purchased two additional raised bed garden kits.  This would double my garden space.  The soil where I live is awful.  It is clay and rocks.  The only thing that it grows well, is weeds.  I tried gardening just in the ground and mixing in improvements.  It was a disaster. I just could not improve it enough.  The next year, we tried growing in pots.  This was too much work trying to keep everything watered. The next year, we put in two raised beds and purchased dirt to fill them.

2014 Busy Quarter

I have composed so many blog posts in my mind that have never been written down. This is an attempt to explain and rectify.

Last fall my hubby's uncle was in a minor traffic accident.  Since then, we have become more active in his and his wife's life.  They are delightful people but it has made us more aware that getting older is just hard.

Closing Down 2013

I decided that you can't take on a half dozen goals and do them all justice.  2014 will be a year that I edit my goals - learning has taken place. 

Here is my pass/fail for my 2013 goals. 
Learn Drupal - fail. 
Lose 50 pounds - fail but made a lot of progress so not a total failure.
Attend quilt retreats - pass. 
Complete 4 quilts - pass. 
And drum roll please - - - We paid off our home!!!

So You Think This is Easy?

Several months ago, I fell in love with a quilt that my high school friend, Cindy posted on Facebook.  She was kind enough to tell me where to find the pattern and to post her in progress pictures.  I loved what Cindy made but I would not have given the pattern a second look from the picture in the book.

Small Things

It looked like a cool overcast morning, perfect for doing yard work.  I always wonder once it gets to be October, how many more times I will have to mow the yard.  It was a real bummer that I had had stop in the middle to get more gas in my gas can.  I am an eternal optimist so getting bummed about something always turns my thoughts into things I am thank for.  I realize traditionally, I am a month early, but being thankful should know no season.  So here is my list of the random things I am thankful for (in no particular order):

Where did August go?

It seems like yesterday that we were beginning August and now it's gone.

I lived through another birthday and have been promised a trip to the new Perot museum in Dallas.  I had to renew my drivers license in person this time.  My old picture was 10 years old and my appearance has changed a little bit.

More Sewing and the Plano Quilt Show

I don't feel like I have gotten much sewing done in the last month, but I think it is because most of it went out the door.  I stitched names and leadership positions on the back of Boy Scout caps for our council's summer training event.  I also made them 20 bags that held their course books - to hang from the staff member's belt.  I also replaced a zipper in a family member's motorcycle riding gear.  There were several items that took me out of my comfort zone in the last month.

Meet Jade

On Sunday, after we had to put Button to sleep, hubby and I went looking for another cat.  I was so confident that we would bring home another kitten that I purchased kitten food.  Because hubby has to live with the cat also, I ask for his input.  He ask that it be female, be short haired and not black.  The color has more to do with shedding and it showing on our carpet and furniture than superstition.  We went to Animal Control in Allen and played with several kittens and a couple of cats.  Nothing said "take me home".  From there we went to the Plano Anima

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