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Jungle Babies Quilt

Jungle Babies is a pattern that I started about 3 years ago.  I picked out all of the fabrics, drew off almost all of the applique shapes, cut them out, and packed it away.  I pulled it out at the ASG retreat to see where I stopped.  I realized that I didn't have the background fabric, but was able to see where I was on the progress and finish cutting out the shapes.
The background fabric was given to me by a friend who thought she had the perfect piece.  Thanks Barbara!  With that fabric in hand, I assembled the quilt top.  Since the applique shapes extend over the borders, I had to assemble the entire top first.
The next step was the draw off the outlines of the applique shapes so I can see where to place the applique pieces.  This needed to be something I could see through.  I had a piece of organza that I used.

Once this is drawn off, I lifted it to place the applique fabric pieces on the background.  When I was sure of the placement, I used my small clover iron to tack it in place.

Once I was sure of all the placement, I used by regular iron to give the shapes a good press and fuse them down good to the background fabric.

I now needed to transfer the details to the faces and other area of the cute little animals. I will stitch over these detail marks and that will bring these little guys to life.

I layered my quilt sandwich before starting to stitch around the shapes and stitch the details.  This way, I will quilt the quilt at the same time I stitch down the applique shapes, a 2fer.
My little elephant is coming to life.  This is how much I got done today before my back said, no more today.  And look how good the back looks!

I will do all the eyes last.  I plan to use a more narrow satin stitch.  I also want to be really well practiced on my satin stitching before I tackle the eyes.  I think it will turn out cute.  Have I mentioned how much I love applique?

Cloud Fabric

I used the cloud fabric that Barbara gave me. The applique takes up so much space that it covers most of the background fabric. My concern was that the clouds would be too busy, which is not the case. Back to more satin stitching today.

The cloud fabric will be

The cloud fabric will be great for the background!