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Goals vs Resolutions

Today is the first day of the second half of the year.  My New Year's Resolutions never lasted this long.  I will have to stick with this "Setting Goals" thing.  This is working out so well that I may have to start a list of goals for next year.  In December and January, it's hard to think about expanding the garden or redoing flower beds.

I have not done as much sewing as I thought I would but I have completed 3 of the 4 quilts I wanted to make.  I have the 4th quilt selected and fabric purchased.  I have been fortunate to go to sewing/quilting retreats and have one more scheduled for September.  I have even made a top and dress for myself this year. 

This leads me to another goal I set for this year.  I wanted to lose 50 pounds this year.  I have removed 22.6 pounds so far.  This is not quite the 25 pounds that would be in line with half of the year being gone.  I have made other major accomplishments, for me anyway.  I have faithfully attended Weight Watcher meetings.  I have followed their tracking with planning meals.  To my surprise, I have a regular exercise program.  I meet a friend twice a week to work out at a local recreation center.  Three other days, I either walk on the treadmill or walk the dog.  A couple of weeks ago, I started swimming three to four days a week.  I also have been doing all of our yard work.  All of this has been taking place in 5 days and I take the weekend off.  I am going to have to start exercising at least one of the weekend days to meet my goal. I realize that the last two months of the year are the hardest to lose weight and it's harder to swim when it gets cold.  In the last eleven months, I have lost a total of 60 pounds.  I am thrilled with this number.  It may be coming off slower than I would like, but it is coming off.

This much weight loss fuels the need for new clothing.  When I lose out of the few items I have right now, my closet will be empty.  I have attempted in the past to sew clothes for myself.  The sewing part is not the problem, fitting myself is a whole other animal.  I have attempted to purchase patterns from the fabric stores and alter them to fit with less than thrilling results.  I spent too much money on the Bernina software My Label. I don't know if it was the software or me but, we were not successful.  Last week, one of my American Sewing Guild friends sent out an e-mail that a workshop was going to be held last Friday and Saturday.  It was a "hands-on" on a pattern drafting system that I had purchased about the year 2000 and never learned how to use.  It is called the Lutterloh System.

We spent Friday and Saturday drafting the pattern pieces for a t-shirt, a skirt, slacks, and a blouse.  They all fit me. I am encouraged that I can use this system to make clothes for myself.  And continue to fit myself when I lose more  - down to my goal weight.

So here's to the second half of the year. Let's accomplish some goals!


Aunt Sandra I am so proud of you and for you!!! Losing weight is hard work and you've not only lost you're sticking with it!!! And sewing your oen clothes!!! I like your goals vs resolutions and may have to copy a page out of your book and try setting more goals. You are an inspiration

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