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Dallas Quilt Show 2013

Every year I get together with a few friends and we attend the Dallas Quilt Show.  Some years are better than others and I thought this was an exceptionally good year.  Market Hall was full of wonderful vendors welcoming us to come inside and browse.  There were beautiful quilts on display that translate into years on inspiration.  Cameras are a must when you attend the show.  There are too many ideas for you to remember after you get home.  They need to be captured.  I simply adore applique so that will show through in the pictures I post here. 

Disclaimer:  Since the quilts were on display at a quilt show and open to be photographed, I feel free to post pictures of quilts I did not make and do not own.

This quilt was best of show.  While it has wonderful techniques going on and I am sure took a great deal of time to make, it was not my favorite. I don't care for the color either.
The next picture was my favorite.  It has wonderful things going on: a mix of piecing, embroidery, applique, quilting, and glitz. Notice how the lone star design in the middle spirals out from the middle. This is my friend Nancy, taking a closer look at the quilt.

I have a dear friend, Marty C. who does amazing hand applique.  She has won best of show before for her Little Brown Bird quilt.  She did win a blue ribbon on this quilt.  I have tried hand applique and I just don't have the patience for it.  I love machine applique.

I also loved this quilt.  While I am not a fan gray fabric, it worked in this quilt.  I think one reason I love these quilts is that I have an appreciation for how long they take to work and the skill it takes to make the applique look so perfect.  I also know that I will probably never get one done.

The Dallas quilt show is a yearly favorite for me.  I get to spend a day looking a wonderful quilts, shopping, running into quilting and sewing friends to briefly chat, and share my love of the craft with others.

We did have fun on Friday. I

We did have fun on Friday. I was amazed at the crowd on Saturday! It was less than on Friday.