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So You Think This is Easy?

Several months ago, I fell in love with a quilt that my high school friend, Cindy posted on Facebook.  She was kind enough to tell me where to find the pattern and to post her in progress pictures.  I loved what Cindy made but I would not have given the pattern a second look from the picture in the book.

This is the pattern in the book done in brights.  To me, it looked like gumballs in a gumball machine - - to many colors.
I first picked out all batiks for this quilt and was never motivated to start it. Below is a picture of Cindy's quilt in progress.  A vast improvment over the picture in the book.  I love her colors.

 I ran across the Foliage line of fabric from Moda and fell in love.  Since this was a jelly roll book, I purchased jelly rolls to make the quilt.  This was my first experience with jelly rolls and I am not convenced I will purchase them again. It is a good way to get some of the entire line of fabric.

Now the book recommends using a paticular ruler to cut the half square triangles.  I have my normal way I cut mine but I was limited by using the jelly rolls.  I was convinced I could use a ruler I had on hand.  I made the first couple of blocks using my ruler and they came out fine.  By fine, I mean the came out the right size.

I made 5 blocks and decided I didn't like the print fabric around the block.  It was distracting.  I stopped working on it and put it aside.  After looking at it and getting opinions from some of my friends, I decided I would use the solids in the line only around the outsides of the block.  I took this quilt to the September quilt retreat I attended, thinking I would finish the top at the retreat.  I got to the retreat and could not remember how I had used the ruler to cut the half square triangle!  How frustraiting!  So I cut a couple and decided I had the squares the right size.  I cut out the half square triangles for the entire quilt top and sewed them all together.

That is 8 half square triangles times 20 blocks.  They were all too small !  !  !

What to do, What to do?  I am now out of solid fabric from the jelly rolls.  I tried to find the fabric again locally.  I found one of the four I needed.  I searched on line.  Most companies were out if it.  It must be a popular line.  I finally found it at a company I had never hear of before.  I ordered it and it arrived in a few days.  I must say that this was a very professional company and I was very happy with the service they provided me.

So finally yesterday, I started again with my new fabric.  I made a sample block to test before I cut more fabric.  Let me back up and say that I did purchase a ruler to cut the half square triangles that made cutting foolproof.  The sample block came out the right size so I am back up and running on this quilt.  I now have all of the triangles cut once again and am working on sewing them together.

I have set aside all of the old half squares.  I will need to figure out a project for them.

I will post more pictures as I make more progress.  I already have a project in mind for the left over jelly roll strips.

All this to say, just because you have made dozens of quilts, does not mean that one can not trip you up along your way.

On another topic, I have started meeting each week with the group that I have been going on quilt retreats.  Most of the time, they work on handwork in the weekly get togethers.  Not normally my thing, but I thought I would give it a try.  I found a quilt that interested me at a local shop called Trails Out West.  I have the first block done.

This started with a blank piece of fabric that I traced the pattern onto with a light box.  The state outlines and trails are hand embroidery.  I cheated and drew in the state and city names with a pigma pin. There are 8 more smaller hand embroidery blocks around this center block.  More pictures to come as I get more done.

I also started a block of the month with The Old Craft Store.  Here is block #1.  I have to say that I appreciate good service. I signed up in advance for this block of the month program.  The store was wondeful and gave me all the information I needed.  I have already purchased the additional borders etc that I will need to complete the top.  They sent me a reminder e-mail prior to pick up day and they were ready for me when I arrived.  They provided tips for any challenging areas on the block.  I had plenty of fabric, great instructions, AND it came out the right size. A win all around.

The project I have in mind for my scraps from the pinwheel quilt, I saw on Facebook.  Since I didn't have a pattern (and really didn't need one), I drew it out in Electric Quilt using the 2.5 inch jelly roll strips to determine the block size.  I am always looking for scrap quilts to use up my left over fabric.

These last two quilts I have started, the Trails Out West and block of the month were not on my list of things I wanted to complete this year before purchasing new projects OOOPPPSSS!  I have gotten plenty of projects and at least 4 quilts finished this year.

I think I have about 7 quilts in progress right now.  Somehow that doesn't bother me.  I still love all of them and will get them finished.  And I don't have any grand plans to get items sewn as Christmas gifts so there is no pressure there.