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My Sewing Studio Assistant

While at home, I have a constant companion.  She loves to be in my sewing studio with me.  In fact, she has two beds in my sewing studio.  Meet Button, my assistant.  Button was the last kitten left of a litter surrendered to the Allen Animal Control.  She saw me coming and said she was

not going to let me leave without her.

She tries to help me by encouraging me to use certain items on my sewing cabinet.  She also tests each quilt I make to see if it passes the "Button Approval Process."

Button stays with me when I would write classes in my home office.  She tries to remind me to play and have fun.

Can you find her in this picture? She loves the Christmas tree.

I really feel blessed to have such an attentive assistant.  Just when I need help, she flashes her "adorable" pose.  She will turn over and let me rub her soft belly.  She also wakes me if I am not up on time (by her schedule).  She would not want me to miss any sewing time.