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My Love for Flannel Fabric

I love flannel fabric.  I love to touch it.  I love to sew with it.  It has a wooly for furry feeling that I never get tired of.  I would love for my hubby to wear flannel shirts.  I try to convince him of the snuggle factor involved with flannel.  Unfortunately, he does not wear long sleeves even in winter.  The only flannel shirt he owns, he wears it as a jacket to work out in the garage in cold weather.  Sigh. . . At any rate, when flannel was in every quilt shop, I purchased enough to make several quilts.  My first one was a rag quilt made from a package of fat quarters.  I stitched a quilt design on every square with my embroidery machine (Bernina 180E), and sewed the blocks together.  Once washed to fluff the seam allowances, it is wonderfully soft.  It lives on one of the twin beds in my guest bedroom.  My cat, Button, loves to burrow under it on cold days.  My other completed flannel quilt is called Cabin in the Woods.  It was made from a kit I purchased at Bernina University.  It lives on the other twin bed in my guest bedroom.  I have a couple more flannel quilts but those will wait for another day.