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Closing Down 2013

I decided that you can't take on a half dozen goals and do them all justice.  2014 will be a year that I edit my goals - learning has taken place. 

Here is my pass/fail for my 2013 goals. 
Learn Drupal - fail. 
Lose 50 pounds - fail but made a lot of progress so not a total failure.
Attend quilt retreats - pass. 
Complete 4 quilts - pass. 
And drum roll please - - - We paid off our home!!!

The quilt retreats are so much fun.  I have scheduled a retreat with the American sewing guild of Plano in January,  attending a machine quilting class/retreat in January, and a quilt retreat in February.  I am looking forward to all of them.  I never run out of projects to work on.

Quilts I completed in 2013.

French Braid, a gift to my sister.

Hungry Caterpillar quilt for future grandchild.

Block of the Month at the Bernina Quilt Sitters Program.

Baby quilt for a family member.  This is the most "modern" I ever plan to get with a quilt.

I made the yoyo's for this easy wall hanging on the trip to Lafayette at Thanksgiving.  Fun project to pass the time during the road trip.

I also started the pinwheel quilt - that is still in pieces.  I discovered that I assembled some of the blocks incorrectly.  I have taken them apart and they are standing in the corner until they promise to behave.  They will go on the January retreat - if they are on their best behavior.

I also started a scrap quilt.  I saw the quilt on Facebook and thought it would be simple to make.  I have really enjoyed working on it.  I drew it Electric Quilt and was able to see how much fabric I needed to sashing and borders. The entire quilt is made from 2.5 inch strips and 4.5 inch squares.

Cut strips to make into 4 patches.

Using connectors to assemble this block.
Finished block below. of quilt.JPG" align="" />
Rows of quilt sewn together waiting to be pressing.

First four rows sewn together.  This will definitely be quilted on a quilt frame.  Too much work for my home machine.

I only purchased one embroidery design collection this year.  It was redwork gingerbread houses.  So cute.

Other events that come to mind are 1 - being given a bread machine.  I have fallen in love with it. I make a loaf of whole wheat bread most every week. So easy and inexpensive.

2 - saying goodby to my sweet cat Button and giving my new cat Jade a home to rule.
3 - the freak ice storm in December.  It kept us home for about 4 days and did some damage to our trees.  Below are before and after pictures.  We cut limbs and raked leaves this week.  It has one major branch we hope to save if we can get someone over who can repair it.

I am looking forward to celebrating Christmas with my family and a prosperous 2014.  Hoping Santa brings me a new phone.