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Button, the Final Chapter

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this entry.

Button stopped eating and drinking again late Thursday.  This behavior continued on Friday.  When I got home from dinner with my family Friday night, Button was at the top of the stairs.  She did not meet me at the door.  I could see her at the top of the stairs but it was like it was too much effort to descend.  Normally when I get home and sit in my easy chair, Button beats me to it.  She can't wait to settle down in my lap.  She finally came down stairs but just laid in the bedroom floor.  When we go to bed, she makes a pest of herself demanding to be petted.  There was no demands.  When she would talk to me, her voice was weak.  I could tell she was dehydrated again.

I had told the Vet two weeks ago that I didn't want to leave her over the weekend to get an IV if we were just going to be in the same place two weeks later.  Well, guess what, it was two weeks later and we were in the exact same place.  I am not blaming the Vet.  Button did get better and the Vet does not own a crystal ball.

This morning I took Button to the Vet to discuss putting her down.  All of the Vet's suggestions were more invasive that I was willing to put Button through. As the Vet and I stood on opposite sides of the exterminating table, Button allowed the Vet to pet her.  This is unusual as she hates the Vet. The Vet gave me the option of not being present while she took care of Button.  I chose that option.  As the Vet picked up Button to carry her to the back, Button growled at the Vet, proving that Button was still in there and protesting staying.

When I got home, I washed several towels I had around the house that she laid on.  I washed her food and water dish.

As I went about my day, I was aware of all the things I did to take care of her.  I didn't have to worry about leaving doors open.  I could move my one house plant off the TV and put it in a window.  She loved to nibble on plants.  I didn't have to check the closet to see if she came in before closing the door.  I could leave the washer lid up without worrying about her jumping on it and falling inside the washer.

In the end, I know she is just a cat, but she had become my constant companion when I was home.  She was young, only 8.  We tried insulin injections, special food, special litter, and  IV hydration. I wasn't willing to put her though a feeding tube to keep me happy.  Rest in peace, my sweet soft baby.

My sweet hubby said he would go with me to see if another cat would choose me.  When I found Button, she was at the Allen animal control.  She was not going to let me leave without her.  I will see if it can happen again.