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ASG Sewing Retreat

I am leaving tomorrow for the Lake Texoma area for our annual American Sewing Guild, Plano chapter, sewing retreat.  I attended this event last year for the first time. Last year, we had a guest instructor.  I signed up for her class and learned how to make and fit my own bras. Yes, you heard me.  I have been wearing bras I made myself for a year now and won't go back to purchased bras again.  She was a great teacher.  This year, the entire weekend, I will work on projects of my choice.

 I have spent an hour this morning packing up a sewing machine, several projects, and supplies.  There is a delicate balance between taking too many projects and running out of things to do.  The last thing you want to do is have sewing time and run out of fun projects to work on.  Where we are going, there is not a store near by and a return trip home to get more, would just cut into sewing time.

There is nothing quite like spending several days with like minded lovely ladies with only one goal in mind. From the time we decide to get up until we drop exhausted at the end of the day -  we sew, we sleep, and we eat. Other responsibilities are put on hold. It is a wonderful time of sharing skills, ideas, and inspiration.

This is also in keeping with the goals I set for 2013.  See my blog post for Dec 26, 2012.  This will be the first of 3 retreats I would like to attend this year.

Pictures will come later of my progress of the projects I worked on.  The goal is not even to finish projects, but just to move them further down the line to being finished.

Now to pack clothes and in the morning, pack food.