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Where has May gone?

As I look back over my past blog post, I realize it has been a month since I wrote anything.  I have created so many in my mind that never made it out my fingertips.  I will begin with the end of April.  The last part of April, I was ask by the same group of gracious ladies if I would attend another quilt retreat in Emory, Texas.  This is such a relaxing time for me.  I look forward to these so much.  Unfortunately, I had a family member who scheduled day surgery (which turned into a night in the hospital) on Friday morning of my retreat.  I traveled to the retreat on Thursday morning as I normally would.  We stopped by the quilt store in Celeste on the way.  This is such a wonderful store - worth the trip to visit.  I purchased fabric for a quilt back.

I think I was the first one sewing when we arrived.  I got my current block of the month from the Bernina store completed in no time.  I had cut out the pieces to make the top of a quilt made with a panel.  Several years ago, I had purchased the kit to make "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" quilt for a future grandchild.  I have not made pictures yet but will try to catch that up later.  I put the back together from the fabric purchased at Celeste.  A friend has offered to let me quilt this one on her quilt frame.  I can't wait.

After dinner, I traveled back home to sleep so I would be able to be at the hospital early the next morning. The procedure went well but as a precaution, he spent the night in the hospital.  Things looked good so mid-afternoon, I traveled back to the quilt retreat.

The next project was a duffel bag.  We had a vacation coming that I wanted a bag to take on the plane to hold, my CPAP, my purse, and my camera bag.  I used fabric I had on hand so my only purchase was the zipper.  This turned out so well.  I love it.  It had the look of a more expensive Vera Bradley bag.  Again, pictures to come. This took up most of Saturday.  I returned to my "In a Pickle" paper pieced quilt.  I really like doing paper pieced quilts, but I need breaks in working on it.  Using it to fill time at a retreat among other projects is perfect for me.

I planned to return home around noon from the retreat.  After a phone call, I returned early to do a bit of hand holding with the family member who had been through surgery.  Left to attend my Electric Quilt monthly group.  Maggie did an excellent job teaching us how to draw a layout for a 60 degree triangle quilt.  I left early to make sure everyone at home was taken care of.

This was not my normal calm quilt retreat weekend but everyone is doing great.

My sweet cat had been showing some signs of needing to visit the vet.  She was drinking too much, peeing too much, and looked like she had lost weight.  A visit to the doctor confirmed that she had diabetes and would need insulin shots twice a day.  We were leaving on vacation in a few days so, for the first time, Button was boarded at the vet's office so she could receive her daily shots.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am needle-phobic.  Not only do I not like getting shots, I can't even watch while someone else gets a shot.  Now I was going to have to stick my cat twice a day?  I was not sure I could do this.  Button has been very cooperative and I can now do it without cringing too much.

On Friday May 3rd, we left for a week on much needed down time and vacation.  We flew to North Carolina to visit with my sister and brother in law.  We flew into Charlotte and drove about two hours to Winston-Salem.  My first impressions was that everything was so green.  They get so much more rain than we do.  I think everything was in bloom - a feast for the eyes (and camera). 

One reason we picked this weekend to visit my sister is that my sister and brother in law's church host a dulcimer festival every year at this time.  My brother in law is an accomplished dulcimer player.  We listened to some beautiful music at a concert Saturday night.

My sister was a lovely host and took great care of us.  She took me to visit two Bernina dealerships in the area.  Both were lovely stores with very helpful staff.  One of the stores was in Mt Airy, home to the Andy Griffith - Mayberry TV show.  We ate lunch at the Snappy Diner and walked in front of Floyd's barber shop.

Later in the week, we visited the Biltmore House.  If you ever have an opportunity to visit, do so.  We spent a day there touring the house, stables, winery, and gardens.  Many pictures taken.  I would love to go back again and take a different tour.  Maybe someday.

We also visited Old Salem.  I had been there before but was able to see things I didn't get to see on my first trip.

We flew home on Saturday.  My sweet son had rescued Button from the vet's office and she was waiting for me with I got home.

It always takes me a couple of days to get back into my routine and get caught up on laundry, mail, yard work, and grocery shopping.  I also came home to find my garden grown up in weeds.  About the time I was caught up on everything else, we started getting the storms so the weeds continued to grow.  I plan to take before and after pictures.  It's terrible.

Friday was spent in the company of two friends playing with V6 of the Artista software.  So much fun!  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed teaching.

After going to bed Saturday night, my stomach started cramping, which turned into throwing up.  I don't get sick very often and don't do it well.  I really hate throwing up.  I don't know what caused this.  I don't know anyone around me that was sick.  If it was something I cooked, hubby did not get sick.  Around noon on Sunday, hubby ran to the store for applesauce and jello.  I slept most of Sunday and Monday.  I have recovered, but it was an evil illness that I don't want to repeat.

The illness paid off when I attended my weight watcher meeting on Wednesday.  By the way, I have removed 55 pounds now.  I keep a stack of clothes needed to be donated now.  When I try something on and it is too big, I just move it to that stack now.  My inventory of clothes is shrinking.

Then again, more rain and storms.  While I really like the rain, the high winds did some damage in the area.  All the while, the weeds are getting stronger and are beginning to mock me.  Today many of them will meet their maker.  I can already hear lawn mowers going so I better get at it.  I don't want the weeds to become over confident and win this battle that I will fight with them this year.

In another post, I will have to tell you about the birds in the neighbor's vents.  That's a whole other issue going on.  Sigh. . . .


I am so sorry you got sick.

I am so sorry you got sick. Neither Susi or I had it. I need to get after the briar and ground ivy that is taking over my yard!