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New Quilting Friend

Several months ago, I joined Facebook.  This started a chain of events that I did not foresee.  One of my high school classmates found me.  We started chatting and she strongly suggested that I attend our high school reunion.  I had never attended my high school reunion but this was going to be our 35th (don't tell anyone) and the 100th for my high school.  I agreed to attend since she had also attempted to contact all of our class.  She did a great job and we had the most people attend from our class that had ever attended.  Since I agreed to attend the high school reunion, I started trying to find other class mates on Facebook.  I found one class mate that had pictures of her quilts on her FB page.  I never knew she sewed in the first place!  She told me she had been a garment sewer until about three years ago.  She had owned a Kenmore and later an Elna sewing machine.  A friend let her borrow their Bernina and she was hooked.  She purchased a Bernina 430 and has not sewn a garment since.  Cindy though this was strange since she purchased it to sew garments!  Her local quilt show had a category for "Your first ever Quilt".  She entered and won. She fell in love with piecing quilts.  When Cindy found out that I worked at a Bernina dealership, she told me I had her "Dream Job".  While attending the reunion, Cindy and I were able to visit a quilt shop and purchase some fabric for her stash.  We also talked into the wee hours of the morning.  I had a great time at the reunion getting re-acquainted with old friends.  Cindy is one friend that I will stay in touch with.  I hope she can come visit during the Dallas Quilt Show.  You just never know where you can discover a new quilting friend!