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Fleeting Inspiration

I have quilts and projects floating around in my mind that will never make it to fabric.  I keep thinking that I need to keep a sketch book to keep traWho has seen the Wind?ck of these fleeting images but alas, documentation has never been my strong suit.  I have a difficult time spending time on any project that I can not teach at the Bernina store.  About a year ago, I gave myself permission to spend a day on one of those fleeting inspirations.  I placed this project on my design wall where it has lived ever since.  I think I have left it there because I enjoy looking at it and what it represents (time spent on one of those fleeting images).  I have named it "Who has seen the wind".  I grew up on a farm in Southwest Oklahoma.  We had plenty of trees, sand, and wind.  I love the wind (until it turns into a tornado).  Someday I will take the project down, finish it, and place it in the closet with my other quilts.  For now, I am enjoying my design wall.