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Blooming Nine Patch Quilt

This quilt is just fun.  It is easy enough to be a beginner project but looks more complicated.  Probably the hardest part of this quilt is selecting the fabric.  The fabric color needs to blend into the next fabric color.  The exciting thing about the quilt is that because of the colors in the quilt, each quilt made from this pattern looks different.  This quilt comes from a book named "Traditions with a Twist'. If you want help selecting fabric colors for the quilt, the quilt store where you purchase fabric usually has something on staff who is especially good at coordinating colors.

The entire quilt is just a square of one fabric next to a nine patch.  These two patches are sewn together on point to make the magic happen.
Blooming Nine Patch quilt
As you can see, this quilt is also "Button Approved."  This quilt lives in our bedroom on a cedar chest so Button gets an opportunity to sleep on it as often as she wishes.  These colors coordinate well with our bedroom colors.

You can see some of the fabric colors better in this picture.  If you search Google for "Blooming Nine Patch," you will see all of the different colors people have used to make this quilt.  It is also a quilt that looks great with just an all over quilting.  Mine is just quilted with a big stipple or meandering stitch.